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Broker Testimonials

We have done business with Sterling HSA for many years and continue building the relationship because they get the basics right. Their sales team pays attention to the needs of our brokers and agents. Sterling provides excellent customer focus and personalized service to employer clients and accountholders. And their industry knowledge is unsurpassed. They help us to educate our agents, keep us well informed of changes in the industry, and offer high quality CE courses to keep broker clients in the know. When you contact Sterling HSA, they get things done and done right!

Fred Robertson
Executive Vice President
Self Funded Division
Benefit Mall

Our relationship with Sterling HSA has grown well over many years since the company was founded in 2004. Our clients who work with Sterling are very pleased with their industry knowledge, innovation in offering new products and services, and commitment to providing a level of online and personalized customer service that few health services administrators do. We look forward to many more years of a solid partnership.

John Nelson, Co-CEO
Warner Pacific

We are confident in recommending Sterling to our clients because we can say with conviction that Sterling is the "go to" resource for HSA expertise in real situations. We rely on the people at Sterling for comprehensive and authoritative information and guidance on the regulations and the market. Sterling is committed to supporting and engaging the benefits broker. I know of numerous brokers who rely on Sterling because of all that they do for clients while truly partnering with brokers. There are many options to address employers' benefits needs and Sterling's unique background and experience help brokers meet these challenges in a changing healthcare environment.

Sterling's demonstrated dedication to customers and market expertise makes them an industry leader. We appreciate the quality and professionalism at Sterling and value our partnership.

Michael Traynor, President
Claremont Insurance Services

The Gaudreau Group feels very confident recommending Sterling HSA because they have all the "high tech" tools available to satisfy the technical requirements of clients, but even more important is the way they retain the "high touch" approach our clients need and appreciate. We have found Sterling to be very responsive to our clients. We think so highly of Sterling that we use them at The Gaudreau Group as our HSA administrator! I believe the clients of other firms will be well served if they select Sterling as their health services administrator.

Joseph J. Lawler, CEBS, Benefits Consultant
The Gaudreau Group

Since January 2008, I have worked with several of my clients to adopt HSAs and have encouraged them to have Sterling administer their plan. By choosing Sterling, my clients have all their concerns and questions answered and also stay compliant. The Sterling representative I work with is very responsive and I can't say enough about her abilities. She just helped me move a group of 30 employees to an HSA plan. The group previously had been insured on a rich PPO plan, so the change to an HSA plan was significant for the employer and the employees. Prior to the enrollment meeting, my Sterling representative and I met with the company president, legal counsel and HR staff to explain the implications for employers. This included administration, flow of dollars, tax consequences and how claims are paid, all big concerns to the employer. At the end of the conversation, my client was confident in Sterling services and that he was making the right decision. The next challenge was explaining the new HSA plan to 30 employees. The Sterling presentation was outstanding and the employees had their questions expertly answered as well.

HSAs are my passion. I truly believe that they will help to control our medical costs and give the person insured power over their medical decisions. Sterling shares my passion. I have been in this business for 20 years and it seems more and more difficult to find people with enough passion for what they do that it comes across in their responsiveness and knowledge. Sterling representatives are a breath of fresh air for me.

Leanne Seeger
Seeger Benefits & Insurance Services

As a long-time health insurance agent, I can remember in the 1970's that a group health plan could be written with a single piece of paper. We've evolved in the 21st century to a more complex and complicated world. The HSA idea added more opportunity to confuse and bewilder clients. After hearing Cora Tellez speak about HSAs at a Warner Pacific sponsored meeting, I was convinced that she had found a way to simplify the complexities of health insurance. As a result, both my wife and I opened Sterling HSA accounts to experience the product we also wanted to sell. Sterling offers a simple and easy method of helping to pay for healthcare today.

Anonymous Health Insurance Agent Since 1976

My compliments to Sterling HSA for the outstanding service you have provided to Johnson & Dugan and our clients. Since we have been working with Sterling to implement a number of plans over the last few years, including our own, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response on all aspects of your service. This includes the quoting process, informational and proposal meetings with clients, informative group employee meetings throughout the HSA set-up process, and ongoing individual and group support to answer questions.

The additional time you spend with human resource and accounting staffs on details of the administrative set up guarantees that the plan runs smoothly throughout the plan year.

Furthermore, your website designed for the consultant, employer, and employees, is intuitive and easy to use. One of the hardest things for employees to understand is how to request reimbursement for their claims. Putting in the plan is the easy part, but the ongoing administration is what makes the plan a success. That is another area where Sterling excels.

Kathleen Dugan
Chief Operating Officer
Johnson & Dugan

Sterling HSA provides excellent service and innovation to me and my clients! Sterling`s flexible administration and investment options are unique in the industry and their representatives provide exemplary "hands on" service to employees enrolling in HSAs for the first time. They are on the short list of excellent HSA administrators.

John Rogers
Sitzmann, Morris & Lavis, Inc

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